"Where's my letter?"
Harry Potter's Character Development
Books 1-3: Fuck yeah, I'm Harry Potter.
Books 4-7: Fuck, I'm Harry Potter.



The Marauders used to take turns taking care of Harry when the others had Order business or were too busy or needed a night off. It became a tradition among them, as they were passing the baby into the next caretaker’s hands, to say “you’re it. good luck.

The last thing Sirius saw as he was falling through the veil was Remus running over to Harry, and the last thought that ran through his head was “you’re it. good luck.”



‘Harry Potter’ Book Covers Recreated As Minimalistic Mesmerizing GIFs

by designer and illustrator Jace Martinez

so um totally skip half blood prince, that’s cool.


It's obvious, isn't it? We've got to play our way across.

"Come on, we’ve got a Horcrux to find."


Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe won their Awards (Best Newcomer of the Year on Stage and Best Actor in a Play) - Whats On Stage Awards 23rd February 2014

harry potter -> minimalist 

houses + elements


Hermione Granger

Favorite missing book quotes"And Remus, your son…"



unfogging the future by cassandra vablatsky 

(dog art)



People who hate Harry Potter missed the a giant part of the story. Despite being abused by his aunt, uncle and cousin his whole life Harry was kind, compassionate, loyal, protective and honest. He defended those who needed it and stood up to those who deserved it. He didn’t become bitter or hateful. And he spent his life trying to protect others. You can’t hate him because people chose to stand by him even if it meant they’d die. He didn’t want that, he wanted everyone to live even if it meant he couldn’t anymore.